New herb wall in VIPZ! school restaurant

By: Josien Dragt 01 May, 2018

The beautiful herb wall in the Albeda school restaurant, VIPZ, was unveiled on Monday, 12 March. Amanda van Woerden, Deputy Director of Albeda Horecacollege and Adriaan van der Giessen, project manager at Rotterdam Food Cluster, unveiled the green wall together.

‘VIPZ! is one of Albeda’s four school restaurants where hospitality students learn from actual practice. The green wall makes the hospitality students aware of the growth process of various herbs. They learn to use these herbs in the dishes that are prepared for the daily guests. The green wall contributes to a healthy living environment and is a decorative element in the restaurant that can also be enjoyed by our guests every day’, explains Amanda van Woerden.

Groene wand Albeda - Rotterdam Food Cluster

Greening reduces stress and improves concentration

Adriaan van der Giessen explains some of the advantages of using greenery in schools: ‘Plants inadvertently have a major impact on people. Green walls reduce stress and improve concentration. Earlier research performed by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam revealed that students need a green environment. The Albeda school restaurant, VIPZ! contributes by growing herbs like mint, sage and parsley in a herb wall and using these herbs in its on-the-job training. In association with the VU, we are going to research the effects of the greening on schools using a baseline measurement and an effect measurement. We hope this will create awareness of the effects in schools and that they will increase greenery in their buildings.’ Apart from Albeda Horecacollege, many other educational institutions have also submitted plans to Rotterdam Food Cluster to green their schools.

Albeda has been part of the ‘Food for the Future‘ partnership since 2016. Upon signing 2 years ago, the affiliated educational institutions received a cheque from Rotterdam Food Cluster to spend on the greening of their school buildings. Albeda received a subsidy to accomplish this project after joining Rotterdam Food Cluster’s ‘Food for the Future‘ partnership. The goal of the project is to pass on the multifunctional value of greenery and to encourage innovation in the regional food sector so the world’s population can also be supplied with food in the future. In addition, the City of Rotterdam deems the creation of a healthy learning and living environment important. The City also wants the multifunctional value of greenery to be conveyed to students.

Want to know more about Food for the Future or about the greening of buildings? Contact Adriaan van der Giessen.