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We want to boost our regional food sector by stimulating innovation and collaboration!

The Rotterdam region is a front runner in the worldwide food economy. With 8,000 food related businesses in a favourable location, the Rotterdam Food Cluster is unique in the world. We work on solutions to current and future food issues every day, from seed improvement, production, processing, research & development and education to transport and logistics.

Let's introduce ourselves...

Rotterdam Food Cluster wants to boost our regional food sector! How we do this? The Roadmap Next Economy helps us join forces and create new employment. Rotterdam Food Cluster is an initiative by the Economics’ department of the City of Rotterdam. We stimulate innovation, collaboration, investments, and provide good services so entrepreneurs can focus on running their businesses.

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Region Rotterdam

Rotterdam Food Cluster is made up by companies, education and knowledge institutions, local governments and residents from Rotterdam, Westland, Oostland, Midden-Delfland, Barendrecht, Ridderkerk, Voorne-Putten, Hoeksche Waard, and Goeree-Overflakkee. Here is where we exchange knowledge and work on plenty of career opportunities, healthy residents, innovative power and international opportunities.

Roadmap Next Economy

The Food Cluster runs parallel to the Roadmap Next Economy. This is a blueprint for the development of the regional economy that was requested by the Metropolitan region Rotterdam – The Hague and drawn up by economist Jeremy Rifkin, bestselling author of The Third Industrial Revolution (2011).

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Reasons to invest in the Rotterdam region

Concentrated area

Rotterdam Food Cluster is unique the world over; all the links in the food sector chain can be found within a radius of 30 km from Rotterdam's city centre.

8,000 Businesses

8,000 businesses representing the entire food supply chain, including Unilever, Friesland Campina, Rijk Zwaan and DSM, are based here.

High-level expertise

Access to a huge amount of knowledge and expertise. The region has a very high concentration of relevant businesses, research institutions and universities.

Innovative nature

Innovative nature of the Rotterdam region; every day new solutions are created for the worldwide food challenges of tomorrow.

Cutting-edge developments

Groundbreaking product development and new business models through collaboration with other knowledge-intensive clusters in the region: clean tech (bio-based) plus the Life Sciences & Health.

Excellent accessibility

Strategic location and excellent infrastructure and facilities. Schiphol, Rotterdam-The Hague Airport, high-speed train connections to Paris, London and Frankfurt (Gateway to Europe).

Food for the Future

Skills and New Business models in the food sector of the future

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Rotterdam Food Cluster wants to maintain and enhance its leading position in the world economy, strengthen the food sector – particularly economic renewal and employment – and endorse a healthy lifestyle. In addition we want to put the food sector of the Rotterdam region on the global map as the most innovative and sustainable food sector in the world.

Facilitating and connecting

The Rotterdam Food Cluster gives a boost to the food industry as a whole in our region. We facilitate innovative projects, connect companies with knowledge institutions and local governments, and offer locations and possibilities to multinational, national and local food businesses. We will also continuously build modern infrastructure and stimulate the low-food-mile system. This way we will create less transportation movement in a sustainable environment.

Across the border

The City of Rotterdam is also creating laws and regulations that work with entrepreneurs and innovations. We establish collaboration between students, educational institutions and businesses in order to translate practical and scalable research in the region into new opportunities for all of us. Within the region, within the Netherlands and far across the border.

Cluster approach

Cleantech, Medical, Food and Maritime are the four most important industries for the future of Rotterdam. For each of these industries the City of Rotterdam has developed a specific cluster approach. We’re aiming for a better connection between the port and the city, stimulating entrepreneurship and translating obstacles into opportunities, such as the availability of funding, access to partners and test locations with licenses.

Nick van den Berg

Development Manager
"Journalists and editors wishing more information about Rotterdam Food Cluster can approach me. Feel free to do so."
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Global food challenges

In 2011, the world's population totalled 7 billion people. By 2050, it will have grown by 28%, to around 9 billion people, most of whom will live in mega-cities. If we are to feed these 9 billion people, smart food systems will be required and food wastage must be reduced by 50%. Each and every day, around 8,000 companies within the Rotterdam Food Cluster are working on solutions to tackle these global food challenges.

World Food Park: Human Capital Pool

A pool of committed and educated flex workers in agrologistics

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Nick van den Berg

Development Manager

“It is my job to stimulate new business and new jobs in the Rotterdam Food Cluster. I think it is amazing to be able to work in such an inspiring and internationally important, innovative industry that plays a key part in feeding millions of mouths all over the world.” 

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Adriaan van der Giessen

Project Manager

“Unknown makes unloved. But it’s all happening in the Rotterdam region. This is where the agro-food industry’s absolute front runners are combined with very efficient transportation through ports, by rail and road. I am strongly in favour of increasing and strengthening Rotterdam Food Cluster’s position.”

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Sharon Janmaat-Bouw

Project Manager

“The businesses in the Rotterdam Food Cluster amaze me on a daily basis because of the industry’s international and dynamic character and its importance and scale. These entrepreneurs are making the difference when it comes to global food supply, the national economy and regional career prospects. I am committed to serve their growth potential.”

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Elly Mosterd

Project Secretary

“For many years I have enjoyed working as a project manager for several food brands. Now I contribute to this industry with the council. I strongly believe that a collective effort will be good for the individual businesses in the end.”

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Amelia Oei

Project Manager

“Food and Rotterdam are – just like the port and Rotterdam – inextricably linked with each other. All the fresh food we need daily is grown in this region: grains, vegetables, fruit, potatoes, dairy and meat. The food is produced safely and sustainably. From farmer to logistics service provider and from seed to greenhouse… the whole industry is at hand in this region. It is an industry with perspective of the future of which we can be proud.”

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