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What is the Rotterdam Food Cluster?

Rotterdam Food Cluster stimulates employment opportunities, entrepreneurship, innovation and collaboration in the regional food sector. The focus is on three programs: World Food Park, Food for the Future and Feeding the City.

How will we fulfil our ambition?
News 22 February 2019
News 22 February 2019

Emmauscollege students devise healthy snack for Tuinderij Vers

At the request of Tuinderij Vers, students from the fifth year of pre-university education of the Emmauscollege devise new healthy convenience products for young people. Results are expected in June 2019.

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HeroFestival in Rotterdam inspires pioneers in Food and Flower industry

Over 300 visitors at HeroFestival on 11 April 2019 and 2nd Food was declared the winner of the HortiHeroes Intrapreneurship Programme 2019.

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We'll gladly keep you up-to-date with the latest developments and innovations in the Rotterdam Food Cluster. Read inspiring stories about businesses in the food sector and don't miss out on a single food event.

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The Rotterdam Food Cluster in numbers.

Within the Rotterdam Food Cluster, we work with more than 8,000 businesses and many educational institutions in the region on a daily basis, providing innovative solutions for logistics, trade, production, and processing.

News 11 September 2018
News 11 September 2018

Download research ‘The innovation capacity of the Rotterdam Food Cluster’

On 11 September, entrepreneurs Meiny Prins (Priva), Thijs van den Heuvel (Fresh Pack Logistics) and Jan Brouns (Urban Industrial) received the first copies of ‘The...


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Do you have an innovative idea? Would you like to share your vision on food? Or, are you looking for a party to collaborate with? We'll gladly give you the space to share your story on our platform and will connect you with the right party.

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Facts & Figures

Ongoing research into innovations.

Within the Rotterdam Food Cluster, a great deal of research is done into topics such as the future of education in the food sector 'Food for the Future', Valorisation of Waste, World Food Park and sustainability and circularity.

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News 10 December 2018

RedStar starts a pilot with robots to analyse plant welfare

Read in this interview with RedStar about the pilot with robots and how they work with others to position the company in the horticulture sector.

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News 4 April 2019

Our goal: to speed up innovation in the food and flower industry!

How can we in the Netherlands stay at the cutting edge of the global food and flower industry? Come to the HeroFestival 11 April at Rotterdam.

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News 19 July 2018

Sustainable Bakker Barendrecht attractive to employees

As an employer, Bakker Barendrecht wants to be at the forefront of human development. We work with passionate people to create a healthy, passionate product....

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