On Thursday 11 April the HeroFestival will take place, organised by HortiHeroes, VNO-NCW Westland-Delfland and Rotterdam Food Cluster. This is the moment where front-runners, innovators, government, knowledge institutions, start-ups, young professionals and investors in the Food & Flower industry will team up with other industries and outside talent to accelerate their impact.

The theme of this year is … Global Challenges, Dutch Solutions! Just like last year, you’ll enjoy presentations by seasoned experts and pitches by young heroes from the HortiHeroes Academy. Start-ups and scale-ups from our eco-system will showcase their innovation, and will be matched with leaders in the sector.

By applying our knowledge and skills to global challenges, we’re strengthening our position as global front-runner.

Rotterdam Food Cluster will organise an interactive workshop by Fountainheads at 3:30 PM at Innovator Space II.

Game over: Will only heroes have a place in the future?

Do you think you have the right skills? The world is changing at a rapid pace thanks to the exponential growth of technology, and this is impacting every professional area. Life as we know it will change dramatically both from the societal and the
economic aspect due to digitalisation, blockchain, artificial intelligence and many other
breakthroughs. And you won’t be spared.

Wim and Jan-Henk (Fountainheads) will confront you with your own short-sightedness that you can’t do anything about. The rules of the game are not only changing, they’re also being played on a completely different field. It’s happening right under your nose, and before you know it, you’ll be benched. Will only heroes be able to play the game in the future? Are you such a hero or do you want to become one? If so, then come join us for this very interactive workshop. Jan-Henk and Wim will outline the trends that are changing the game.

Are you a hero who wants to be prepared for what’s to come? We look forward to meet you at the HeroFestival!

#Happy #Healthy #Hungerfree

Program* 11 april 2019 | Global Challenges, Dutch Solutions


  • HeroFestival Ticket* € 95,-
  • Startup Ticket incl. demo € 45,-
  • Student Ticket € 15,-

* HortiHeroes partners will receive a special discount.

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