By: Adriaan van der Giessen 09 Apr, 2019

On Tuesday, 2 April 2019, Rotterdam Food Cluster and Rotterdam Partners received a government delegation from Wales to share knowledge about the strategy for economic development in the food sector. The delegation visited appealing companies in the Rotterdam region, including Cosun Innovation Center, Groothandelsmarkt and Schmidt Zeevis to investigate collaboration and trading possibilities.

Inspiration for circular projects at Cosun Innovation Center

The Cosun Innovation Center’s focus on sustainability in the agricultural sector appealed to the delegation. Cosun demonstrated specific examples of how to accomplish closed energy and raw material cycles. Residual water from the beets are directed to the surrounding horticulture businesses, and beet remnants are converted to green grass. The delegation from Wales invited Cosun for a return visit to Wales, to implement similar circular projects in Wales.

Groothandelsmarkt: e-commerce and last mile logistics

During their visit to the Groothandelsmarkt (Wholesale Market), the delegation delved into the close-knit and urban food system. They devoted extensive attention to the plans for the redevelopment and expansion of Groothandelsmarkt. The delegation gained new insights about e-commerce and ‘last mile’ logistics in the wholesale sector, amongst other things.

Wales Groothandelsmarkt

New sales opportunities at Schmidt Zeevis

To conclude, the delegation enjoyed a look behind the scenes at Schmidt Zeevis. The delegation was highly impressed with the tremendous diversity in the types of fish from around the world and the excellent quality. Since Wales also has an important fisheries sector, this is not unchartered waters for the visitors from Wales. We even encountered products from Wales in the Schmidt Zeevis store. This was the perfect occasion to discuss new sales opportunities between Schmidt Zeevis and the fishery from Wales. We ended the day on a successful note with some delicious fresh fish and a drink.

Wales Schmidt Zeevis

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