By: Amelia Oei 05 Oct, 2017

On Sunday 15 October 2017, the Rotterdam version of World Food Day will be organised in and around the Markthal. World Food Day Rdam will give visitors a look behind the scenes of food entrepreneurs in the Rotterdam region. Apart from excursions to 12 food companies and the port, there will be lots of activities around the themes of technology, local, trade, brain and health.

World Food Day Rdam introduces consumers to businesses from the Rotterdam Food Cluster. At the same time, it offers businesses the opportunity to come into contact with consumers. On an average Sunday, 15,000 people visit the Markthal. During World Food Day Rdam, there will be a few thousand more. This year, Rijk Zwaan, Koppert Cress, LTO Noord, the Zuid-Hollandse Voedselfamilies (open network for food innovation) and Rechtstreex can be found in and around the Markthal and excursions will be organised to businesses like Schmidt Zeevis, Euro-caps and Tomatoworld.

Rijk Zwaan promotes vegetables to consumers
Every company has an interest in World Food Day Rdam. Rijk Zwaan believes it is important that consumers eat more vegetables. It is underlining this by demonstrating where vegetables come from nowadays and what a plant breeder actually does. For Rijk Zwaan it is also important to know what consumers do and do not enjoy eating, which is why it is organising a taste survey at World Food Day Rdam.

Fresh food in the Maersk cold storage container
To show that Rotterdam is one of the largest food hubs in the world, the consumer can take a look inside the Maersk cold storage container. It displays the facts and figures related to food transport to and from Rotterdam.

Koppert Cress on the power of vegetables
In the central greenhouse, Herman Poos from Koppert Cress will be holding a presentation on the powerful benefits of vegetable consumption. At the Natuurlijk! stand In the Markthal visitors can discover the brocco cress, a cress that contains as many beneficial substances as a broccoli stalk.

LTO Noord reduces the gap between the city and countryside
Agricultural and horticultural organisation LTO Noord is using World Food Day Rdam to reduce the gap between the city and the countryside. City inhabitants can get to know farmers and the machines they work with, such as a combine and GPS-steered tractor.

Plenty of career prospects within the food sector
On World Food Day Rdam, various educational institutions will be showing that the food sector offers plenty of career opportunities. Lentiz Life College will provide information about food study programmes from a yellow school bus, while students will set off on an excursion to Euro-Caps to see what the jobs of the future involve. Euro-Caps produces coffee capsules that are sold in over forty countries all over the world. Students from Wellantcollege and Inholland University of Applied Sciences will be standing next to the Aquaponics installation to provide visitors with information and an explanation of the circular system.


Talking with Zuid-Hollandse Voedselfamilies about sustainable food production
Members of the Zuid-Hollandse Voedselfamilies, including Drees Peter van de Bosch from Willem&Drees, Drechtstadsboer, Booij Kaasmakers and Herenboeren, reflect on sustainable food production methods and talk about them with consumers. Rechtstreex, also a member of Voedselfamilies, hopes to acquire new customers for their delicious regional products during World Food Day Rdam.

The importance of healthy eating the main reason for participating in World Food Day Rdam
Education about food production and the importance of healthy eating constitute the main reasons for many businesses to participate in World Food Day Rdam.
Tomatoworld is opening its doors to VMBO (vocational secondary education) students from the Young Business School LMC. During a special Education Day organised by the Municipality of Rotterdam’s Department for Education, pupils from six primary schools will visit the high-tech Aardbeienflat greenhouse, Lightroom and WUR (Greenhouse Horticulture business unit) Bleiswijk stand to find out all about modern cultivation techniques in horticulture.


Euro-Caps and Schmidt Zeevis hope to attract personnel
Euro-Caps and Schmidt Zeevis expect to expand their businesses in the next few years and hope to find suitable personnel in Rotterdam and surrounding area. Job seekers can get acquainted with the company and career oppotrunities during the excursions.

Plenty to experience with 40 programme components
World Food Day Rdam comprises a total of almost forty programme components organised by businesses from the Rotterdam Food Cluster. Under the slogan of ‘Doe, Ervaar en Beleef’ (Do, Experience, Live), visitors of all ages can get acquainted with those who provide us with fresh and healthy food on a daily basis.

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