By: Adriaan van der Giessen 19 Jul, 2017

Plants are good for people! According to scientific research, they improve our interior climate and offer benefits in terms of concentration and health. The Municipality of Rotterdam is helping a range of educational establishments in the Rotterdam region take this green step.

Impact of a green environment
The ‘greening of schools’ can take various forms; it might involve a classroom or lecture hall with a wall that is planted with moss, living plant paintings or a plant suspension system. Plants purify the air, increase humidity, reduce stress levels and also help to create a better social climate. Under the leadership of specialised researchers from the VU Amsterdam, Rotterdam students are to investigate the effects of a green environment.

Broad support
Other parties, such as FloraHolland and LTO Glaskracht Nederland also recognise the importance of ‘greening’ education. LTO Glaskracht is working via SIGN and with various partners on concepts that will enable new target groups to see and experience the value of the products from the Dutch greenhouse sector. SIGN and the Botanical Garden have collaborated to create the Greennest Gallery in Utrecht, an expo shop where schools can gain inspiration on how to add green to the educational setting.

Green plans for the future
Students from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Wellantcollege, Lentiz educational group, Albeda, Wageningen University & Research and Zadkine each received a € 5000 voucher from the Rotterdam Food Cluster which can be spent on adding greenery at their various locations.