By: Nick van den Berg 13 Dec, 2017

The first edition of VEG. will be held on 20 and 21 June 2018: the Fruit and Vegetable Hero trade event. This event revolves around fresh fruit and vegetable products. Rotterdam Food Cluster is a proud Founding Partner of VEG. Along with VEG. and the other Founding Partners we take care of the communication and programme content.

Why VEG. is important to the Rotterdam Food Cluster

VEG. means that Rotterdam acquires another major event in the city that focuses attention on food and health. The economic importance of the food sector in Rotterdam will get a multi-year view of new business and networks from this collaboration between Ahoy and the Rotterdam Food Cluster.
The Rotterdam Food Cluster also aims to introduce students from educational institutions in the Rotterdam region to the food sector. At the VEG. event students will come into contact with food companies and get an idea of the versatility of the sector and the different career opportunities available.

What VEG. offers

At VEG. will be the top vegetable and fruit companies who strive for quality and are open to innovation. VEG. offers fruit and vegetable specialists, the food service industry and influencers a platform for making contact with new potential clients such as the care sector, medical sector and other sectors and organisations that highly value this kind of sustainability and quality. Participants include growers, importers, traders and processors of fresh products, shop fitting suppliers, fresh concepts, sectoral and information organisations and service providers.

Every fresh product and every fresh brand has a story to tell full of pride and courage.
The Onderzeebootloods events hall will provide VEG. with the ideal venue for sharing these stories, and for products to be displayed, tasted, felt, smelled and listened to. This will inspire visitors to come up with ideas they can immediately apply in their own business or organisation. There will also be a specific programme for sharing knowledge and opportunities for exploring new business models.

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