By: Sharon Janmaat 14 Feb, 2018

Last week, at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, fifty students from educational institutions in the Rotterdam Region were active on behalf of food companies. During this international fair the students performed tasks for and on behalf of food companies, such as market and competition research and providing hospitality on diverse stands.

Unique study trip to Berlin

Rotterdam Food Cluster organised this unique study trip to Berlin as part of the ‘Food for the Future’ collaboration. The aim of the trip is to introduce students to the food sector and increase their enthusiasm for a career in this sector. Thanks to companies such as Berg Hortimotive, Siemens, Koppert Cress, Dex Groep, Rotterdam Port Authority, Bom Group, Nature’s Pride, Koppert Biological Systems, The Greenery, Westland Marketing and GroentenFruit Huis, fifty internships were provided. ‘It is amazing for teachers and students to see everything on show here’, exclaims Sjoerd Nieboer (teacher of Horticulture and Agribusiness at Inholland University of Applied Sciences Delft). ‘All my students have been offered internships.’

Fruit Logistica Zadkine studentes verzorgen hospitality stand GroentenFruit Huis

Students conduct market/competition research and provide hospitality

The students performed diverse tasks. Students from Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and Wageningen University & Research obtained an insight into the international prominence and reputation of Dutch knowledge and expertise related to greenhouse horticulture for Dutch Greenhouse Delta. Students from Wellantcollege conducted international research on behalf of Farm Frites into trends in and the application of quality management systems at different companies in the AGF sector. Students from Wellantcollege, Albeda College and Lentiz Life College carried out research into trends related to global packaging innovations. Students from Zadkine performed a hospitality role on the stands of the Rotterdam Food Cluster, Koppert Cress, Koppert Biological Systems, GroentenFruit Huis and the Rotterdam Port Authority.

Fruit Logistica STC studenten doen marktonderzoek

Dion Jumelet and Elise Kamermans, students from the Shipping and Transport College (STC) carried out market research for the Rotterdam Port Authority. ‘We used VR glasses to try and provide a realistic picture of the Port of Rotterdam. It is very important that people know how large the Port is and the opportunities it offers for food companies.’

'By connecting students and businesses in this way, we create ambassadors for the sector and bring food entrepreneurs into contact with passionate students. This results in a large number of qualitative leads for future vacancies.'

Sharon Janmaat Projectmanager Rotterdam Food Cluster

Food for the Future: future-proof education

Rotterdam Food Cluster, an initiative by the Municipality of Rotterdam, strives to boost the innovative capacity of the regional food sector and prepare the new generation for the future, in association with the business community and knowledge and educational institutions. To this end in 2016, Albeda, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Greenport, Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Lentiz education group, STC, Wageningen University & Research, Wellantcollege and Zadkine entered into a collaboration with the Municipality and the business community for the future of education in the food sector of the Rotterdam Region: ‘Food for the Future’. Through this partnership, the Rotterdam Region seeks to provide educational opportunities to meet the rapidly changing labour needs of the food sector. Read more about Food for the Future here.

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