By: Sharon Janmaat 13 Apr, 2017

Rotterdam Food Cluster needs young people. By 2050, 9 billion mouths will have to be fed world-wide. However, the current world food production does not suffice for this growth. Continuous innovation is essential for the food industry. With their knowledge, students can make the difference in this.

A smarter food system is needed. The businesses within the Rotterdam Food Cluster are developing and producing solutions to this problem on a daily basis. For young people, this industry is interesting because of its international character and its career prospects for professionals on all levels and within all disciplines.

The World of Food

To celebrate the launch of the collaboration platform ‘Food for the Future’, 150 students attended a unique lecture in Rotterdam’s city hall. Honorary chairwoman Marijn Frank, television presenter of the programme Keuringsdienst van Waarde, transported the young students to the world of food. A few leading members of the food industry gave a sneak preview of the future and informed them of the multitude of possibilities the industry has to offer young talent of all levels and disciplines.

Collaboration Platform ‘Food for the Future’

Digitalization, new technologies, sustainability and urbanization are affecting the food industry in Rotterdam at record-breaking speed. If we want to remain front runners in the world, real research into innovation is necessary. But contiguous education to provide the skills of the future is essential as well. Educational institutions, businesses and the City of Rotterdam are facing these challenges together. Within the platform ‘Food for the Future’ they are preparing for the future to make sure education reflects the needs of the changing employment needs of businesses in the food industry. Over the next few years they will also implement a specific research agenda focussed on the necessary business models of tomorrow.

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