By: Adriaan van der Giessen 19 Jul, 2017

Each year, around 70 entrepreneurs and 800 employees trade millions of Euros’ worth of fish, meat, vegetables, fruit and foodstuffs at the Rotterdam Wholesale market hall. The Urban Industrial investment fund is currently planning a new and modern complex where cross-pollination between businesses will be stimulated.

Multicultural food hub
The multicultural range at the Wholesale Market hall is unparalleled in its diversity and is distributed throughout the region and far beyond. Rotterdam would like to raise the profile of this successful food hub even further. The Municipality of Rotterdam sold the dated market hall to the Urban Industrial investment fund, which is set to transform it into a modern trading complex while doubling the floor space. A new and smart design will provide more room for economic activity, resulting in increased employment opportunities in the food sector.

The Wholesale Market hall has been around since 1969 and encompasses multiple smaller markets where goods such as meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, flowers and foodstuffs are traded. It is located in the Spaanse Polder district of Rotterdam and accommodates around 70 different companies. The redevelopment will ensure that the Wholesale market becomes future-proof. Within the concept, much attention has been paid to sustainability, for example by separating waste streams and using efficient cooling installations and smart logistics. As a result of organising logistics routes differently, a covered indoor site can be created which will, in turn, ensure improved food safety and greater cooperation between businesses. Modern facilities also simplify business practices.

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