By Sharon Janmaat > 13 Apr, 2017

Agrilogistics companies are forced to employ flex workers for a significant share of their activities during peak periods due to the seasonal nature of the business. As the flex workers have to leave these companies once the peak period is over valuable knowledge, skills and experience is lost for the next season. Rotterdam is committed to providing a well-trained, regional and flexible workforce. In association with partners we are developing a readily available human capital pool on a non-profit basis. Flex workers from the pool work at several companies. During peak periods the people work in agrilogistics and during off-peak periods they are employed in other sectors. This means the companies’ demand for labour can be flexibly met by people that are familiar with the sector and the products. At the same time – via the stability of a multiannual contract – jobseekers build up security, training, work experience and a network.


Human Capital Pool


Bakker Barendrecht, Meeder, Fresh Pack Logistics, GroentenFruit Huis, AWVN and the City of Rotterdam


Start pool 2018


To supply agricultural logistics with flex workers and stimulate jobseekers to find employment in the food industry


We are looking for businesses that need additional personnel between October and March. Of course all information will be handled carefully and confidentially. Are you interested or would you like further information? Please contact Sharon Janmaat.