By Adriaan van der Giessen > 16 May, 2019

How do we improve sustainability when it comes to transporting fresh goods? Together with food companies, the Rotterdam Food Cluster is developing a digital platform - Smart Logistics - for agrofood transport in the Rotterdam region. We will use it to exchange logistics data in a secure environment. This collaboration will allow you to make better use of your loading space, resulting in financial benefits and reduced CO2 emissions from trucks.

The participating companies in the Smart Logistics project are ABC Logistics, The Greenery, Verstegen and Snijpunt. Do you also want to contribute to sustainable transport with efficient logistics?

24% of pallet space unused

Research by the European Commission has shown that in conditioned road transport, 24% of the available pallet space remains unused. Enhanced utilisation of the cargo area gives you a financial advantage and improves Rotterdam’s competitive position as a region. What’s more, efficiency logistics reduces the pressure on the roads, improves our sustainability profile and lowers CO2 emissions from trucks.

Economies of scale, automation and digitisation

Together with transport providers and freight forwarders, the Rotterdam Food Cluster is working on economies of scale, automation and digitisation of the food sector. With the digital platform Smart Logistics, we can combine existing logistics flows. The aim is to transport as many products as possible with as few trucks as possible.

Smart Logistics system

Secure environment

The digital platform Smart Logistics gathers all orders from participating companies and calculates the best routes and load combinations. The logistics data is accessed in a secure environment.

Benefits of collaboration

Some of the benefits of smart collaboration are:

  • An earlier simulation has shown that companies save 5% on logistics costs.
  • The final result is a reduction in transport movements and therefore a reduction in CO2 emissions from trucks.
  • The Rotterdam Food Cluster optimally facilitates other regions on an international level and attracts new logistic flows and logistics activities.

Are you in?

The more partners join this project, the greater the benefits will be. Would you like to participate and join in the decision-making process for the development of Smart Logistics? For more information, please contact Adriaan van der Giessen.

Participate in the Smart Logistics project

pdf preview Smart Logistics Leaflet Download (966.39 Kb)
pdf preview Smart Logistics Leaflet Download (966.39 Kb)