World Food Park: Smart Logistics

Secured exchange of logistical data in PVF industry

By Sharon Janmaat > 13 Apr, 2017

In conditioned road transport, 44% of the available pallet space remains unused. Enhanced utilisation of the cargo area gives retailers and traders a financial advantage and improves Rotterdam's competitive position as a region. What's more, efficiency alleviates the pressure on the roads, improves our sustainability profile and lowers CO2 emissions.

Economies of scale, automation and digitisation

To ensure that its operations are future-proof, Rotterdam Food Cluster is anticipating the increasing need for economies of scale, automation and digitisation of the food sector amongst retailers and traders. We are developing a physical and digital platform together with partners, to bundle logistics flows. At the physical location loads from different transporters will be combined in order to transport as many products as possible with as few trucks as possible. Calculations of optimal routes and load combinations are performed by the digital platform, in which all orders from participating businesses are brought together in a secure environment. As a result of this smart collaboration we can optimally facilitate other regions internationally and attract new flows and activities.

Smart Logistics system

Secure and anonymised simulation and design of the platform

The advantages of logistic cooperation between companies are revealed in an anonymous data simulation. To read more about the results, click here. This burden of proof is being used to continue work on setting up this platform.
Rotterdam Food Cluster provides the possibility:

  • for businesses in the AGF (logistics) sector to have a (completely secure and anonymised) simulation carried out in terms of what the collaboration could mean to them;
  • for partners (public and private) to join in on the talks and the design phase for the physical and digital platform.

Simulation and design of the Smart Logistics Hub

Companies in the AGF logistics sector, retail sector and other stakeholders. The participating companies are: ABC Logistics, The Greenery, Verstegen and Snijpunt.

Rotterdam Food Cluster

2018 until 2022

Optimisation of the regional competitive position as AGF logistics service provider.


We are still looking for partners. Would you like to take part in a simulation or join in the decision-making for the development of the regional hub? Contact Sharon Janmaat for more information.

Smart Logistics Leaflet Download (966.39 Kb)
Smart Logistics Leaflet Download (966.39 Kb)