The world is preparing for The Next Economy. This economy of the future is all about digital, data and smarter use of resources, energy and waste flows. With World Food Park, Rotterdam Food Cluster stimulates cooperation focused on the transition to innovative products, sustainable logistics and even more favourable business conditions for the food industry as a whole.

Innovation Power

Rotterdam Food Cluster stimulates the transition to sustainable logistics and an even more attractive business climate with research and business cases. The compact scale makes it possible for businesses to exchange data and attune their logistical processes. This way we can focus on creating value from (collective) residual flows, facilitating flexible employees through a collective Human Capital Pool and a Smart Logistics system that will strongly reduce food miles and costs.

Smart Logistics: more efficient agrofood transport

Secure exchange of logistics data in the fruit and vegetable sector

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Will you join us?

With innovation programme World Food Park, Rotterdam Food Cluster will examine new opportunities, possibilities and collaborations with innovative business models, resulting in a resilient region. We are looking for partners and businesses that are open to a pilot project. We are also looking for investors interested in circularity. Of course all information will be handled securely and privately. Are you interested or would you like more information? Contact Sharon Janmaat

World Food Park: Human Capital Pool

Regional pool of committed and trained logistics flex workers

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Roadmap Next Economy

World Food Park follows the Roadmap Next Economy. In his document Roadmap Next Economy, Economist Jeremy Rifkin, consultant and best-selling author of The Third Industrial Revolution (2011), advises to expand our “entrepreneurial region” and enhance it through favourable shifts in data exchange (the Digital Gateway), sustainability (Smart Energy Delta) and value creation from residual flows (Circular Economy).