12 July 2018

Craving the Future

Craving the Future & the Future of Cravings, a ThingsCon-salon about the Next-gen Kapsalon. What will be the next iteration of our food?

In collaboration with Rotterdam Food Cluster, ThingsCon bring together pioneers from the ThingsCon community and food-innovators from the Rotterdam region. What will be the next iteration of our food? Imagine how salad from vertical farms, reinvented meats, and new cultural influences could satisfy our cravings.

We will explore how the connection between agriculture, design, and technology is shaping the food on our plates. From the technology that changes the way how we grow our foods, to the cultural context that defines what we eat.


  • 6:00-7:00 PM - Walk-in & Tasting Kapsalon van de toekomst
  • 7:00-9:00 PM - Talks by Eat Art, Astroplant & UNStudio
  • 9:00-10:00 PM - Drinks

The EAT ART collective
Esther van Leeuwe, Gastronomisch specialist

The EAT ART collective works on the public perception of food and the system around it. Looking at the connections between agriculture, design, and technology, they will envision tomorrow’s Kapsalon.

Thieme Hennis, Mission Commander

AstroPlant is an educational citizen science project with the European Space Agency to engage a new generation of space farmers, collect data and ideas for agriculture on Mars, develop open source research equipment, and create awareness of regenerative and closed-loop life support systems.

Unsense: Future Farms
Ren Yee, Innovation Strategy & Forecasting

United Network Sense – UNSense for short – explores and develops new sensor-based technologies that are specifically designed to positively impact people’s physical, mental and social health. The Future Farms project proposes flagship locations for farming developments in Amsterdam's regional food system. The study also explores the possibilities and potential impacts that future farming methods may have on our physical environment.

Join us on a cross disciplinary exploration across all the layers of our food system.

    Korte Hoogstraat 31
    3011 GK