Fruit Logistica 2018

Using ambassadors for the food sector

By Sharon Janmaat > 14 Sep, 2017

Fruit Logistica provides an easily accessible solution for you to offer students from your region more insight into the sector's dynamic, international and innovative character. This Rotterdam Food Cluster project provides companies with an extra pair of hands on site and offers students greater insight into the career prospects and multifaceted aspects of working in the Food sector.

Approx 50 potential ambassadors for the food sector

Businesses that are active at the Fruit Logistica trade fair were approached, in partnership with AVAG, GroentenFruit Huis, Greenport West Holland and Westland Marketing, and asked if they would use students at the Fruit Logistica 2018 trade fair. Students of Albeda, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Inholland University of Applied Sciences, The Lentiz Education Group, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, STC, Wageningen University & Research, Wellantcollege en Zadkine are participating together with Rotterdam Food Cluster at the trade fair. Thanks to businesses such as Berg Hortimotive, Hoogendoorn, Koppert Cress, Dex Groep, Havenbedrijf Rotterdam, Bom Groep, Natures Pride, Koppert Biological Systems, The Greenery, Westland Marketing and GroentenFruit Huis, approx 50 extra internships were created for students in the Rotterdam region.

Student mentoring

Each student is mentored by a tutor from his or her own educational institute. These tutors are given a separate programme so they too can become ambassadors for the food sector. Rotterdam Food Cluster is represented at the Fruit Logistica trade fair, with a (modest) stand, located next to that of GroentenFruit Huis, and is accessible for students and businesses.

What are the students used for?

Students are used for a variety of tasks. Below are some examples of the tasks that students carry out for the participating businesses:

  • Students with various qualifications/educational backgrounds (business economics, logistics, engineering, ICT, creative) are asked to identify and evaluate developments relating to a theme ‘for example, sustainability.’ Businesses can then use these developments to further define their own innovations. The group’s diversity serves mainly to provide a fresh perspective from outside the sector.
  • Students study the propositions that businesses will use to approach the international market.
  • Students research new technological developments at the trade fair by conducting surveys.
  • Students are assigned a hospitality role at the trade fair and are asked to ‘lend a hand and help out.’
  • Students with specific ‘up-to-date’ knowledge are used to come into contact with trade fair visitors.


If you want more information about the Fruit Logistica 2018 trade fair, or you want your business or organisation to take part in a similar programme at the Fruit Logistica 2019 trade fair?

Contact Sharon Janmaat

Research Fruit Logistica 2017

At the 2017 Fruit Logistica Trade Fair in Berlin, 23 students from different educational levels and 6 educational institutions studied the innovative power of the fruit and vegetable sector representatives present, in the context of the ‘Food for the Future’ programme.

A selection of our research results is provided in the below:

  • Many companies believe the Internet of Things to be an important theme. The Internet of Things is based on machines that communicate with each other and machines that exchange data via the Internet.
  • The circular economy plays an extremely important role for businesses in the context of sustainability. It involves creating value for waste and reducing food waste.
  • Businesses need more trained employees to achieve their innovation goals.
  • When performing innovative projects, businesses most commonly work together with suppliers and customers and as yet often fail to seek out other partners, as well.
  • Many start-ups and young people are working on the Next Economy in the Rotterdam region. Yet, when it comes to innovative projects, businesses thus far mainly choose to work with (large) mature companies.

The full report can be downloaded here (Dutch version).