Student Challenge 2018

Wanted: new (marketing) ideas for the food sector

By Iris Versluis > 12 Jan, 2018

AGF businesses are constantly innovating and could make good use of young people's input! The new generation of consumers are different from those of today. What's more, this new generation is still not really familiar with the food sector and the (international) career opportunities it offers. How can we innovate in the food sector and increase its appeal? By having students reflect on, for example, new solutions and ideas to market fruit and vegetables. In 2018, the Rotterdam Food Cluster is organising a 'Student Challenge' together with food businesses and educational institutions.

Innovation needed in the food sector

Johan in ‘t Veld, CEO of Cool Fresh International, explains why it is important for the food sector to constantly innovate. ‘AGF is a very traditional business, it needs to be more dynamic, more international and more sexy. That is why we need to involve the younger generation: to really understand how they make their purchasing decisions!’ explains Johan in ‘t Veld.

Why a Student Challenge?

‘New’ insights from the young generation are essential for innovation in the food sector. This offers added value to food businesses as well as to students:

  • Fresh views produce new insights;
  • Creating awareness of and offering an introduction to the food sector;
  • Recruitment and PR, understanding career opportunities;
  • Stimulating innovation for the food sector;
  • Binding students – future employees – to the food sector;
  • Students get the opportunity to experience what it is like to work as a real (marketing) specialist in practice;
  • Students have the opportunity to network in the food sector.

What does the Student Challenge involve?

The Student Challenge is a two-day event organised in 2018. Students will work in multidisciplinary teams on a marketing issue from the business community. This issue could be: ‘How could we market our fresh products, and how can we continue to be relevant in the future as a trading business?’ The students will devise creative and innovative ideas for the future of the food sector. The findings will be presented to a professional panel at the end of the event and there will be prizes for the top three most innovative and creative ideas. The students will have the chance to win an international trip with a food company.

See how Cool Fresh International works with students to organise its marketing activities here:

More information?

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