Feeding the City

Providing for cities, now and in the future

  • Feeding the cities

    We want to make Rotterdam the healthiest city in the Netherlands. Not just for ourselves, but also to create new revenue models and markets elsewhere. Every day, our region works on solutions to current and future (international) food issues. The Rotterdam region is a front runner in research into plant compounds, personalised food and greening schools. We will continue doing this at full speed.

  • Healthy City

    Healthy City

    Becoming an example to the world

    We do pilots with local food production and urban farming, we research the positive effects of 'green' classrooms and continue learning about food that prevents and cures disease. In fact, Rotterdam Food Cluster takes the lead. We keep expanding on these skills, so that we may be of service to others in the future.

  • Ahmed Aboutaleb

    Ahmed Aboutaleb

    Mayor of Rotterdam
    “Rotterdam region is the favorite location and logistical hub of the Dutch food industry. It supports the development, innovation and transformation of our food business into a sustainable and circular sector.”
  • World Food Park: Vertical Farming

    Optimal conditions to grow products without daylight

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