Food for the Future

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  • Food for the Future

    The food industry is digitising, innovating and made sustainable at record breaking speed. This international environment offers many opportunities to research and educational institutions, and the employees and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Together with businesses and knowledge and education institutes we stimulate the industry’s innovation capacity and prepare the next generation for the future.

  • Food for the Future

    Skills and New Business models in the food sector of the future

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  • Learning & Working

    Learning & Working

    Future education in the food industry

    Digitalisation, new technologies, sustainability and urbanisation are affecting Rotterdam's food industry at unparalleled speed. If we want to maintain our front-runner position, practical research into innovation is paramount. But contiguous education to provide the skills of the future is essential as well. Education institutions, businesses and the City of Rotterdam plan on tackling this challenge together. Over the next few years, we will be executing a research agenda focused on tomorrow's necessary business models.